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COVID-19 Procedures

Your health and safety is our top priority! We are dedicated to providing a safe, clean and healthy environment for our patients and our staff as part of the continuing effort to limit the spread of COVID-19. Our cleaning and sterilization procedures are set to the highest standards set out by the Ministry of Health and the BC College of Optometrists. We have protocols in place that you will notice as soon as you enter our office. These include protective barriers, personal protective equipment and increased disinfection procedures exercised by our staff.

Please note: if you have any symptoms of respiratory infection, we advise that you call 811 or access the BC self assessment tool at for further instruction.

At the time of booking:

-If you book by phone, we must ask several screening questions to ensure you are well enough to attend the appointment and will ask them again when confirming the appointment.
-If you book online, we will call you to confirm the appointment one day before and will ask you the screening questions at that time.
-We require all patients to fill out and send back to us a Patient Intake form so that we can limit the amount of interaction and face-to-face time when you are at the office.

FOR TELEHEALTH:  If our staff or doctors have directed you to sign our Telehealth Consent Form, please click here.

FOR VISION THERAPY PATIENTS: Please contact us at or call us at 250-383-2411.

When you arrive at the office:

With the nature of our business and how close we are to one another; we will continue having patients and staff wear masks in the office. If you are having an eye exam, you are required to wear a medical grade mask (not a reusable cloth mask) as per the College of Optometry. *NO EXCEPTIONS

The hand sanitation station is still available, please continue to use the sanitizer when you enter. We will continue with our contact point disinfecting as well.

-All patients and staff in the office are to wear a mask (or some sort of face-covering that covers the nose and mouth).*NO EXCEPTIONS
-All patients entering the office must sanitize their hands at the front desk.
-We have plexiglass barriers at the front desk to further separate the staff and the patient.
-No food or drink in the office at this time.
-We ask all drivers/friends/additional family members to wait outside (unless the patient is a child and they can have one parent with them, or caregiver).

Pretesting and exam room:

-In addition to the regular sanitizing of the pretest equipment and exam room equipment, door handles and exam chairs are also wiped down with alcohol.
-The doctors are using N95 masks at all times, lab coats, and increased handwashing.

After the appointment/dispensing area:

-Dispensing stations are sanitized with alcohol before and after each patient, included arms on chairs.
-Staff members take the frames for trying on off the board, put them in a sanitized tray.
-Plexiglass is put between the patient and staff member to allow safe removal of a mask so the patient can try on frames.
-Any frames that have been touched/tried on are sanitized with alcohol and soap and water before being put back on the board.