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Family Eyecare Centre offers a large range of lens designs, at a wide range of prices.  We usually sell lenses which we have tried, and found to be best value at a given price range.  However, if you have a preferred product you would like, in most cases we can supply it to you.

For a quick and engaging history on the advances in Lens Technology, click here.

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 Our lens selection includes the latest available technology from manufacturers such as Zeiss, Hoya, Essilor, Nikon and Asahi-Lite. We pride ourselves on being able to provide the best product available dependent upon your prescription, visual needs, lifestyle and budget.

Please visit the manufacturer’s websites for more information.


Digital Lenses

“Digital” is the new buzz word to describe progressive lenses which are made with modern CNC lathe technology. Many so called digital lenses only have the front, or the back surface produced this way. The opposite surface often produced using inferior lathe, or molding technology. It is important to know that just because a lens is called “digital”, doesn’t mean that it is good.

Blue/Violet Light

A particular range of violet coloured light has been found to cause cumulative retinal damage. Outside you can protect yourself from this light with quality sunglasses. Unfortunately, the LEDs which are used as light sources for all our consumer electronics including TVs, phones, computer screens, pads and tablets, have a peak in their output at exactly this dangerous colour of light. We need protection inside as well. This is particularly true with younger people as their use of these devices means that their exposure is higher. Our lens manufacturers have developed special coating and tints which will reduce your exposure to this bad light.

Office/Task Specific Lenses

First appearing about 15 years ago, lenses designed for the person working in front of a desktop computer.  These lenses have a range of distances available to be corrected in the top, computer distance in front of the pupil, and reading in the bottom.

Usually combined with a blue-violet filter.  Anyone with a reading power of +2.00 and above will experience much better comfort.

Anti-Fatigue Lenses

Designed to reduce the strain of our near and midrange focused digital world.  Particularly useful for younger adults, who normally wouldn’t require reading help, but have computer intensive jobs.  Also used to reduce reading focusing effort for young people who require some assistance.

Myopia Control Lenses

Designed to reduce the progression of myopia, (nearsightedness), in growing children.  This is very important, as high myopia, (over -5 diopters), leads to huge increases in the likelihood of serious eye, and retinal problems later in life.

Driving Lenses

Include high end optics for maximum field of view in either distance, or progressive designs.  Special anti-reflection technology is applied, designed to reduce oncoming headlight interference.

Progressive Design Lenses From Hoya

For people whose distance prescription is quite different from one eye to the other.  Traditionally these individuals have had difficulty working with conventional progressive designs.

Shaw Design Lenses

Single vision, or progressive lenses, designed to equalize magnification and prismatic changes across the lenses, again for patients with dissimilar prescription from eye to eye.








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